15 thoughts on “Funny?

  1. you may kick me off for being too fluffy, but this was in the related links, and i did find this one funny, and so far like her other videos.

    • Yup, to find a few of these funny you would have to equate them to a roadrunner cartoon. I tried to look at some of them in the light of “if nobody was hurt” but they still weren’t anywhere near funny to me.

  2. IMO, the faceplant was funny, the raspberry horse was mildly amusing. A few were disturbing or even horrifying. The majority were ho-hum, normal horse behaviour.

  3. I’ve seen lots funnier out there, including the horse taking off his halter and then pushing over the camera, think it was posted on this blog somehwere? Also there are no end of videos out there about colts attacking pilates balls and falling harmlessly on their faces. And almost anything to do with minis. Of course I don’t know if these are all 2013 videos. Maybe it was a bad year for funny horses 🙂 Or else she didn’t look very far. I don’t find bad horse crashes very funny, anymore than you would post “The Funniest IED explosions of 2013” or funniest plane crashes.

  4. Barely funny at all, mostly cringe-inducing.

    There are a couple of cute ones near the top of the queue at Cute Overload ATM: a pony having fun with a giant inflatable ball and a horse playing with snow.

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