General Update

I just wanted everyone to know that I’ve been a bit busy recently with some RL stuff.  Nothing to worry about, so no need to send me condolences or flowers, but canolis would be greatly appreciated thanks to blondemare for getting me hooked on them.

I am about half done the first hind limb conformation article and am expecting to have it completed and up before the end of this week.

Thanks to everyone for being patient, and of course for your continued support and participation.


13 thoughts on “General Update

  1. I’ve been very busy with stuff. On top of everything else, truck problems, trailer needs fixin, weather great, trying to get some rides in, but I need to trailer down, can’t ride on these streets any more. We have had so little rain for so long that I have been fooling around with water barrels, attached to soaker hoses, to use on trees I don’t want to loose. I have a small riding ring in my back yard, but I don’t really count those as rides. Yes I’m lucky to have it, but boy will I be happy when I get my rig repaired and going.

  2. I say you deserved every yummy calorie for all you do on this blog and elsewhere! Canolis cure almost any woe and so glad you enjoyed them! 🙂

    • I would think we’ll get the Model E (Gen III) – so, the smaller family sedan type – although, the AWD Model X with the Falcon Wing doors would fits us well if we were at home in Canada (not likely to be happening any time soon).

      Prototype for E is currently expected to be out for the Detroit Auto Show in 2015. With all the other pans in the fire, not sure they’ll hit that date, but I’m excited to see what Chris (Porritt – from Aston Martin) and Franz have come up with. I’m sure you’ve heard – we’re now building (with partners) the biggest battery factory in the entire world and it needs to be done within a three year time frame.

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