The Ugly: Another ‘Trainer’ Gets Away With Murder

Sudden Death Of Show Pony Clouds Image Of Elite Pursuit

When will the participants in the various horse industries grow a backbone and police themselves?  Clearly, dozens and dozens of people; employees, leasees, fellow participants, competitors, peers, etc… all knew Ms. Mandarino was excessively drugging the horses and ponies under her charge, but nothing is said until one drops dead.   And then the person who takes up the gauntlet is a relatively inexperienced ‘pony Mom’.  Shame on all of you who knew and did nothing.

At the end of the article, Ms. Winkel, a show judge and chairwoman of the officials committee for the United States Hunter Jumper Association said,       

“Why don’t we take a little more time and train these horses properly and educate their clients and give them better horsemen skills, other than to bring out a needle and a syringe every time we have a horse show.”

Yes, Ms. Winkel, why don’t we? 

I’ll tell you why, because time and education is money.  And money is the motivator for the scumbags of the world like Ms. Mandarino.  She no more cares about the horses and ponies under her authority, than I care about her being run over by a bus.