The Ugly: Another ‘Trainer’ Gets Away With Murder

Sudden Death Of Show Pony Clouds Image Of Elite Pursuit

When will the participants in the various horse industries grow a backbone and police themselves?  Clearly, dozens and dozens of people; employees, leasees, fellow participants, competitors, peers, etc… all knew Ms. Mandarino was excessively drugging the horses and ponies under her charge, but nothing is said until one drops dead.   And then the person who takes up the gauntlet is a relatively inexperienced ‘pony Mom’.  Shame on all of you who knew and did nothing.

At the end of the article, Ms. Winkel, a show judge and chairwoman of the officials committee for the United States Hunter Jumper Association said,       

“Why don’t we take a little more time and train these horses properly and educate their clients and give them better horsemen skills, other than to bring out a needle and a syringe every time we have a horse show.”

Yes, Ms. Winkel, why don’t we? 

I’ll tell you why, because time and education is money.  And money is the motivator for the scumbags of the world like Ms. Mandarino.  She no more cares about the horses and ponies under her authority, than I care about her being run over by a bus.

7 thoughts on “The Ugly: Another ‘Trainer’ Gets Away With Murder

  1. I read this story about an hour before finding out about your blog. I realize all disciplines have their issues, but I’ve long been disgusted by what goes on the hunter world. (yes, I’ve spoken up in the past but confess to now being guilty of pretty much avoiding the scene). As with so many problems, until the judges stop placing the deadheads, ”trainers” will continue to do whatever they have to to win. It’d be great if testing etc was more widespread and stricter and there were actually consequences, but that takes money that people aren’t willing to spend.

    • Not surprising at all considering it seems just to be commonly accepted in some parts. Never mind high level competition and big money, just go read forums like COTH or The Mane Street or Horse Grooming Supplies and see the sorts who often post about injecting or free prescribing pharmaceuticals to use a horse to ride and even teach lessons.

      It seems to me that the unacceptable is acceptable by way too many owners

  2. I am not familiar with the hunter world, really not with any particular discipline, but I certainly do recognize that there are issues in everyone of them. It is not just the judges who are at fault, but the show committees, stewards, and especially fellow competitors, ‘friends’, spectators, etc. I agree with Naz that money is what is needed but believe that education is the key as well as really stiff penalties/consequences. Set some examples for wrong doing!

  3. I agree, I no longer show horses,I am glad that we do hear more of these issues in the news though. Still not enough. How can one honestly evaluate a mare or stallion based on how it is shown nowadays. Having that show record is just not what it takes to produce a sound individual.The standards have gone to the way side. I hope you write more articles. We need some one to really sink their teeth into these issues instead of pussy footing around the issues. The latest issues with the QH breed registry is a fine example. I agree with all disciplines having insidious issues that harm horses.

  4. It would be nice if we worked to make it socially unacceptable to drug horses. I’ve seen people at small hunter shows give IV ace tight before riding in. Seems like no one but myself has the balls to call people on things around here, and it’s not always a comfortable place to be.

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