AC4H Update

Thanks to *Samantha* for sending in another update on this sleazy organization.  As you probably all remember, shortly after I posted the picture of a roach backed Clydesdale gelding in obvious pain being ridden and offered for ‘adoption’ by AC4H, that organization was raided by the FBI.

Here’s a link to an early May update:

Upon going to FB, I see that they are still in business.  WTH!?  How naïve of me to think being raided would be the end of them.  Any time now I’d be happy for Justice (Karma) to move its ass.  Feel free to spread the word and potentially help the FBI gather evidence if you want to see this organization shut down once and for all, and its participants punished. 

The Very, Very Good: Busted!

I’m happy to report (thank you, hoo4hearted, for the heads up) that AC4H (remember the Clyde with the horrific back issue – Article: The Ugly: When It Rains, It Pours) has been raided by the FBI.

Let’s hope that the right thing is done in this case.

Adding: Here’s an update on that Clyde gelding