Look Ma, No Hands!


I’m torn and unable to decide if I am against this photo on general principle (innocent child in a potentially hazardous situation), or if it’s a fine example of a future Olympic gymnast or movie stunt double in the making, or if I simply don’t care because I’m not that fond of children – thusly embracing my inner Charles Dickens hoping for a decrease in the surface population – and the pony looks too old, decrepit and underfed to want to budge.

Okay.  I’ve just decided I’m annoyed with the condition of the pony and the adult (presumably) behind the camera.

This pony sale ad photo certainly speaks to the genteel (defeated?) nature of the beast.  Of course, give it a few meals; some care and attention, and all bets are off…well, except for that lovely left knee.  What are the odds this one is sound of limb?

They do have a super, well-kept backyard, though.  I wonder if they have a full-time gardener.  Might I suggest a full-time stable hand instead?