The Bad: Georgia Mare Has Twins

Anyone here from Georgia that could find out some additional information for us?  This 20-something Paint mare gave birth to twins recently.  It was featured on NBC and the result was an outcry from the public on the mare’s condition.

Here’s a link to the FB page of Horse Plus Humane Society that has a bit of an update.  The link to the actual NBC coverage is on that page as well, but I’ve linked it below for the Internet challenged.

NBC Coverage

I’m not entirely satisfied with the follow-up information.   An ‘accidental’ breeding can be ‘purposely’ looked after with a few medications so there’s not an ‘accidental’ foal.   Guess it was also an ‘accident’ she had twins, right?  And an ‘accident’ she’s so underweight and depressed.  As in, you were too cheap to ‘purposely’ have her ultra-sounded, and then ‘purposely’ have the twin pinched off, and finally to ‘purposely’ feed her appropriately?  There is a reason why twins are rare in equines and why we ‘purposely’ try to avoid that possibility.