The Ugly And The Bad – Hyperflexion And Us

I’ve said it before, when people suggest I’m being overly critical about their breed or discipline of choice, that I play no favorites.  The following blog article written by Erica Franz covers many things that are wrong in Dressage – Hyperflexion Breaks The Rules

But don’t let the title of the article scare you off, this applies to all of us no matter what discipline we choose.  It’s not just about the Dressage coined term ‘hyperflexion’, or a bunch of FEI rules being ignored by judges, riders and trainers that should know better.  It’s about our shortcomings as human beings and making really bad decisions at the expense of the horse, which we claim to love so very much.  The hypocrisy is enough to choke an elephant.

I echo Ms. Franz’s closing words:  Get involved, speak out, make this unpopular. Why are we afraid to protect our horse from abusive training methods, to save face from those who are popular at the moment. Have we never left high-school and the cliques and peer pressure? The horse must come first!

I also add, that ‘this’ applies to anything and everything that isn’t in the best interest of the horse.  Don’t stop at ‘hyperflexion’ or think because you don’t do Dressage that ‘this’ doesn’t apply to you or your discipline of choice.  In whatever discipline you choose there’s something smelly going on that needs to be stopped for the sake of the horse. Be brave, speak up, take action.