Bargain Horse

There are so many sale ads displaying over-priced, over-prospected, poorly muscled, poorly conformed, poorly trained horses that imagine my pleasant surprise when the first ad I came across yesterday was the one below.

Experienced ranch/cow and trail horse. $2,750

11 yr. old AQHA Registered Gelding. Experienced ranch/cow and trail horse.


Buster is a 2002 Bay gelding, 15.2 hh, 1,200 lbs. He has been used for gathering, sorting working cattle. Rope and drag calves and trail riding.  He is calm, gentle and an easy keeper. Anyone can ride him.

There are so many things to like about this ad and this horse.  The ad contains almost all the information a buyer would need to know in just a few short sentences.  And while there is no reference to tying, trailering, bathing, or if this horse is UTD on shots, I’m confident by what is written and what is shown that those things are likely a given.

Buster is a quality Quarter Horse, there’s no doubt.  The biggest riding fault is the downhill build, but I suspect he might be standing on a bit of a downhill slope.  But even if he is as downhill as the picture shows, it can be forgiven because everything else is so good.


He could do with a bit more muscle conditioning in terms of freeing up his topline and strengthening his abdominals.  He’s got some rough muscling in the neck and shoulder that has created a dip in front of the withers and there’s a bit too much bottom neck muscling.  I suspect he’s worn a tie down in his ranch/cattle work, and frankly there’s just no need for it as his neck is structured superbly and set on high.  There’s also a bit of tightness along the length of his back, but that’s easily fixed with a little ‘Dressage’ work.  He’s got excellent substance, feet look good, and a classic head structure.  He’s got a big hip with lots of power potential, and a strong, deep loin.  


When you consider his solid conformation, obvious experience, calm temperament, strong constitution, age and size, this horse is an absolute steal at the listed price.  Props to the owners for a great ad from picture to information content to pricing.