Another Glue On Shoe Option

I’ve never had a need to choose a glue-on or plastic shoe for a horse, but I can think of some possible scenarios in which one might be a good choice.  Here’s a new glue-on steel/plastic combo shoe coming out of the U.K.

Some pretty basic questions pop into my head immediately.   Starting with the title of the article.  Crocs for horses?  Nail on shoes becoming a thing of the past?  Yeah, right.  Give me a break.  I understand the idea of a catchy title to get people to read your article, but I dislike when it purposely misleads.

The next obvious question; besides little girls, who’d buy these in pink (or whatever gaudy color)?  Then I wondered; that’s a whole lot of glue being used.  What sort of time frame are we looking at until it starts to breakdown and I can get that sucker off, or is there some kind of quick acting compound that will eat away at the glue (and not the hoof) so that I can get that sucker off – should I need to?  And what happens if the back edge of the shoe gets caught and the horse rips it off?  Is the whole hoof going with it?  Or is the glue just not that…um…sticky?  I know what can happen when a regular nail on shoe comes off that way.   Then I had a question about traction.

As I read further down the article it became apparent that this really seems to be aimed at therapeutic applications.  Phew!  I was having a hard time envisioning a performance horse of any level in these.    Look at the hind legs of our horse-in-pink.  Can we say stove pipe?  And looking at the video at the bottom of the article and seeing the trim jobs, I could understand why these horses might be having some foot issues.  Finally the video ends with a crippled horse.  If these can help him, I’m all for it.

Any of our U.K. readers have experience with these?