Let Me Count The Ways…

…in which I want to classify you as an idiot.

  1.  It’s a two year old.
  2.  It’s a little two year old and you’re a big man.
  3.  It’s not a Harley or a La-z-boy you’re sitting on.  Do you think you could at least try to sit straight?
  4.  You’re not supposed to actually sit on the horse’s loin.
  5.  Don’t worry that the horse is crooked and therefore working its muscles unevenly.

If you click on the farm name (doublemfarm) right below the video, it’ll take you to the website where you’ll be happy to know you can find another three dozen videos.  Many of them are along the same lines, including some showing the new acceptable attire when you ride, shorts and running shoes.  I particular enjoyed the ‘show’ video where the ‘good ole boys’ are all riding in their jeans, t-shirts and baseball caps.


But wait!

Is This On Pavement?!

This guy is enjoying his ride going really, really, really, slow.  And as much as I disagree with the approach of the previous two, how this horse got this way HAD to be a crime.