That’s Not A Horse, That’s A Mountain Goat!

Every once in a while the union of two horses produces an individual often thought extinct in the animal kingdom; ‘Got-too-much-time-on-my-hooves-let-me-see-if-I-can-commit-suicide’ horse.

I do own a horse who will go into buildings and climb ramps and stairs.  He even figured out that he needed to turn the doorknob to get into the arena lounge (after climbing onto the wheelchair ramp).  Fortunately, the doorknob was crushed between his teeth before he could get it turned all the way. 

But one of the scariest (for me) things any of my horses have done was a yearling filly (the one that grew into the elephant in the ‘Assessing Youngsters’ article) took a walk across the pond her second winter.  I happened to look out my office window and there she was standing in the middle of the frozen pond (it’s a big pond fed by artisan springs, but not especially deep). 

She was just standing there, looking around – then ‘relieved herself’.  It was snowing lightly and the ground was covered by an inch of snow.  Steam poured off her fresh poo.  Such a serene scene, almost postcard worthy.  Then she took a step and broke through the ice.  I thought, ‘Oh no!’ and started to panic, already thinking in my head what I needed to gather to save her; halter, lead rope, blankets, why the hell don’t I own fisherman waders?!

Before I could even move away from the window she took another step, then another, then another, busting through the ice with each step.  I swear I saw her smile.  I watched, with my chin on the floor, as she took her time and a VERY circuitous route – double-backing a few times – to the edge of the pond and solid ground.  Then she whipped her head around a bit and cantered back to the barn and her herd mates like nothing had happened.

What’s the silliest, craziest or scariest thing you’ve witnessed a horse do?