NEW! Book Of The Summer Club

…because there’s no way I can do it in a month’s time.

I thought it would be great if *we* occasionally picked a horsie book to read and talk about ala Oprah.  Nothing can replace putting our hands on the horse and working directly with it, but there’s still value in discovering from books.

I went ahead and picked *our* first book, though, I’d be happy to go with a consensus for the next one. 

The Tao Of Equus: A Woman’s Journey Of Healing And Transformation Through The Way Of The Horse by Linda Kohanov

I know!  Super Oprahesque, right?  But I’m telling you it’s got some good stuff in it.  So, I invite all to pick up a copy and begin reading.  It’s readily available on Amazon and I note that there are less expensive used copies of the book that can be purchased.  My first blog installment won’t be until about mid-June so there’s time.  Please join me.

In other news, the final Part 3 of The Long And Short Of It series should be up by Friday (17th).  I apologize for the slowness of late, but I’ve been out of the country.  There will be two other shorter interruptions for Hooves in June and July, while I head out to do some long overdue horsey things.