Aye Betta Someone Gets Hurt

Thank you, Quill, for pointing out idiocy in the equine retail business…because there already isn’t enough in the non-retail sector of horse ownership.  Pfft!

Who thought the Buddy Seat was a good idea?  Who funded its creation?  And who decided to make it part of Abetta’s line?   Each and every one of you needs a baseball bat to the side of the head to juggle whatever little brain matter is in there into function.   Clearly all of you were fully committed to its existence since it’s offered in an array of attractive colors.  Buddy Seat On Ebay

Without even discussing rider safety – since I’ve already admitted to not being particularly child friendly – and strictly from a horse health and soundness standpoint, you can’t possibly have a clue about horses if you think it’s appropriate to put weight over the horse’s loin.  Here it is:  In action