24 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. After all that bullshit, the only thing I was surprised she didn’t do was put her cigarette out on the pony! Holy hell what a pathetic excuse for a human being!!!

  2. Unbelievable. I had to look away every time she slammed her big, fat ass down on the poor guy. What a worthless piece of shit. If hell is such a place, I truly hope she goes there!

  3. I jumped and cringed too, when she’d slam down on him on purpose.

    I’ve seen some major cruelty, but that was . . . horrible. What the hell did she think she was doing?

  4. This is absolutely the filming of a fetish video, and the bouncing around and crushing of the horse is deliberate. It is in no way just a display of poor or ignorant horsemanship. (Do not google crush videos, for your own sanity). I have no issue with fetishes, as long as they go with willing participants. This is appalling, and condoned by very, very few.

  5. I saw that video some time ago. It’s disgusting and that bitch wants a kick in the crotch with a metal toe-capped boot! Daily!! I’d be available for the job!

  6. Fetish video like this is of course disgusting. I have no objection to people getting their rocks off, but animal cruelty has no place in it.

  7. If I recall correctly the woman, camera person and possibly someone else were arrested thanks to the video going viral.

    Such twisted pieces of shit…

  8. Jean, your recollection is entirely correct and in accord with my understanding.

    I still think a daily kick in the crotch with a steel toe capped boot is required though.

  9. I saw this on fb, can’t watch it again. WTF was going through her mind? Is she highly disabled? IQ of 30? If not, the bitch needs a not-so-nice lesson in being a human being. Fuck that. There is nothing legal that can be done to her that even approaches justice. Find an alley, I’ll be there.

  10. It has already been removed, so I didn’t have to watch it. I hope they spend a long time in jail. One thing great about America, since this was about a fetish with prurient overtones, they will be punished much more harshly than if it were mere animal abuse.

    • I apparently didn’t watch enough of the video the other night to see any fetish undertones….thankfully. I thought it pure stupidity.

        • “maim” would be my choice. Glad I’m not the only one who missed the deviant side of it. Once was enough, can’t watch again. I really, really want to hurt her.

    • Let me sum it up for you…little chestnut mini with saddle on being ridden by a full-grown adult woman (who could have stood to lose 20+ lbs), dressed in tights, tall boots and a long-sleeved lacy type top. Hauling on its mouth, smacking it with a crop, bouncing purposely on its back. Later in the video the mini is laying down with its head cranked around to one side and she’s full-bore sitting on it, nonchalantly smoking a cigarette.

    • It didn’t happen in American, it happened in the Netherlands. Where they are much more open about sex but still frown on animal abuse.

      • yes but since the video wasn’t up, and the other links weren’t there yet, I had no idea it was not in the US. Perhaps I shouldn’t have assumed, but most of the abuse posts have been US ones to date.

        And most European nations do seem to be a little more stringent about animal abuse than the US. Since it turns out this was an older video, it appears that people were already arrested, other similar people targeted to be found and arrested. I live in such a backwater, that when the US Congress passed an anti-crush statute a couple years ago, my congressman was one of four votes against such activities.

  11. Interesting that bestiality sexual fetishes always seem to be also sadistic. Thinking about other disgusting bestiality arrests/scandals (in the U.S.) that I read about several years ago on a horse protection blog. The point being maybe you can hurt the animals and they can’t really fight back?

    • No, I don’t think bestiality is always about sadism (although in this case it is). There are some individuals who have genuinely believed themselves to be “in love” with an animal, that the animal loves them back, and they don’t wish any harm on the animal. It is something about how those people are wired just like some people are wired to be attracted to children. Since those desires cannot be acted on in a consensual, non-harmful way, those people need help to deal with them.

      However, this is very much about dominating the poor pony. If I had to try to unpack why some people might find this exciting, I’d say it’s about power – a horse is traditionally a symbol of strength and might, so here’s someone exerting power and dominance over the mighty animal. Except, as like many who get off on exerting their power, they’ve gone with a tiny and weak horse because they’d be afraid to try it on a full-size horse that could hurt them if it resisted. Just as the school bully picks on the weak nerd, not on the football hero who would punch him out.

      I am very glad to learn that the people involved were arrested and prosecuted.

      • Some people are just totally and utterly mad and bad. Dysfunctional. Sociopaths and psychopath. They are morally bankrupt! The world would be a better place without them.

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