5 thoughts on “I Am Too The Boss Of You!

  1. OK, I’m going to go ahead with something I have always thought. Didn’t have a TV when it was on, but I do love Mr. Ed. In my opinion, the most realistic depiction of horse human relationship ever filmed. A masterpiece.

  2. And the bonus was that he was such a beautiful horse! Just a pleasure to watch, and the plots were pretty entertaining as well.

  3. People often say “I so wish they could talk”. Me – not so much, ‘cos I can just imagine having too many of those sorts of conversations.

  4. I’m pretty sure most of what I’d hear from my horse is:

    “Hey girl. You got a cookie or what?”
    “Yeah I know, it’s just I’m in heat right now.”
    Good side lateral work: “Yes ma’am can do. Look, I’m on the bit! You’re welcome.”
    Bad side lateral work: “I’d prefer not to.” (I call this Bartlebying- like Bartleby the Scrivener).
    “Cuddle me please.”

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