Reminder: Mark Your Tack

Not just the obvious, expensive stuff, but anything with sentimental value.  Having just had my van stolen out of the residence parking lot (less than fifty feet from my apartment), I’m most upset that they’ve got a few special pieces of tack that mean more to me than their monetary worth. 

It appears the thieves were after my van, not the contents.  There was no broken glass in the parking lot, a sure sign of a smash and grab for vehicle contents.  The thieves then took the time to hotwire my van.   A couple blocks away, another vehicle of the same make and model (and just one year older) showed a failed attempt of theft because the thieves couldn’t get ‘The Club’ drilled and released that the owner had placed on the vehicle steering wheel.   

Place markings in easy to see areas to discourage theft in the first place.  Personal initials or those of your horse, stable logo, phone number, or some other individual marking will work well.  While it doesn’t  ensure theft prevention, it may discourage those ‘lightweight thieves’ from taking it in the first place, or pawning it, and certainly those markings will help police, you and others identify your property should it be found.

To the thief/thieves: ***** * **** *** ******** ** *  **** *****!  Oh, and Happy Easter.

14 thoughts on “Reminder: Mark Your Tack

  1. One of my cars is a 68 el camino. I’ve had people leave notes on the car wanting to buy it, etc. I’ve had the car 30 years because I have always locked it like this. I have a chain around the seat that I attach to a lock on the brake. The car is completely disabled, it has no brakes. I’ve had it broken into several times, but unless a thief had a chain cutter handy, which is bulky to carry around, the car ain’t goin anywhere. I once had a wise guy say that he would simply put the car on a flatbed, so now I always keep the tires turned so that would be harder too. Sorry you lost your stuff, I had something stolen from me once, it set me off on an adventure, but that’s a separate story.

      • I had my house robbed several years ago…the money loss paled to the sentimental pieces of jewelry that were taken and most likely melted down for squat. The ***holes knocked on the front door, found nobody home, walked around back through the snow, up on the deck and in. Cop said they were probably in and out in 5 minutes and that an alarm system is usually a waste of money. He suggested getting a dog which I don’t have time for. I found that a stupid little rock left at the back door prevents it from pushing open and I keep what little jewelry I have left in places no sane person would look for it.

        Losing the sentimentals is the worst – the van can be replaced. Then you can pay more for your future insurance of said van. Theft hurts on a LOT of levels and yes, I have no use for thieves either.

        • Fortunately in this state, since I am clearly a victim and not at fault, my insurance will not go up if a claim goes through. I have to file through my renter’s insurance policy for my possessions and after that deductible, it’s not going to be worth it. Again, not the value of the items, but rather what they mean to me.

          I’ve already made phone calls to the local tack shops that carry used tack. And though I didn’t have most of my stuff marked specifically, I quickly realized that I could easily describe every single mark, crack, stitch out of place etc… on every piece.

          I’m off to peruse Craigslist now to see if anything has popped up there.

          • I wish you luck finding your tack…I went on a mission the day after the break-in with adrenaline overload. They took one of my pillowcases to stuff my money/coins/cameras and jewelry in – it was dark green flannel. I went to the nearest apartment complex and spent an hour or more dumpster diving looking for that pillowcase. Just my luck over half of the 10 or so had been emptied that morning as evidenced by the tire tracks in the snow from the trucks. Called every pawn shop – what a total waste that was! They don’t give a SHIT about losses….they take it, melt it and cash in.

  2. Sorry for the theft. I hate to lose sentimental things, too. Cars, not so much sentimental to me, but I’ve saved a halter and a saddle. Still my mom always said, ‘its only metal and money, they can be replaced. Be glad no one was hurt or killed.’ Helps keep the magnitude of loss in line. If I could lose Apache’s saddle and have Apache back, I’d trade in a heartbeat.

  3. Still it is hard. This is not a horse story, but a sentimental stolen stuff story in my news recently. Lady had a gym locker broken into purse stolen, purse contained toys belonging to lady’s deceased baby. There has been a lot of coverage, trying to recover the toys. So far no luck. As for mankind, Trust but Verify.

  4. Mercedes,

    Been there done that so to speak. Had my horse trailer broken into Jan 2011, the night of my birthday and we had gone out to dinner. Lost my two saddles… the firsttime we had left them in the trailer in over five years as I had been in an accident (work related NOT horse related) and did not ride for that long. Was just getting back to riding again. Lost my show saddle and work saddle I had had for over twenty years. Also a saddle for sale and seven bridles, one was custom made and the maker no longer does english tack.

    Yeah, we were insured, but that does not make it any easier. I still look at saddles for sale at the flea markets and on craigslist… hope never dies ( all of the local dealers know me and what I am looking for…). We notifed everyone from Colorado to the Mexican border including the FBI. I know the stuff went out of state or to the Drug Cartel run track (which has finally been shut down…) But was clearly warned NOT to go near that track as we really do/did not fit the profile and seriously look what we were for thirty plus years….

    The replacements are NOT the same and all of the tack that is left including my custom dressage saddles are in the house and quite literally chained to the steel saddle rack, which in turn is chained to the wall. Some of the replacement tack has never even been on a horse….. Just me and the horses getting older.

    Good luck looking, you might get lucky and somerimes stuff is found in the ditch or an alley. Back road, etc. God help someone if I every find my stuff on a local horse at a cowboy show….


  5. Well I guess it helps a bit to know there are so many other sufferers! If I ever find my bit, I will assume that the person bought it in good faith. I will make a (monetary) offer they cannot refuse.

    • You’re absolutely right in that knowing others have had a similar experience, it takes away the feelings of being the ‘only one’. On the other hand, knowing that it has happened to a lot of other people just adds to the ‘people suck’ reality. I think I would feel better if this was the era of ‘hanging horse (car) thieves’.

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