19 thoughts on “Bu-bye

  1. Where the freak did they disappear to? Swallowed whole by a bush? Saw this last week and still wanting 10 more seconds of film. Hope they’re ok but OMG, funny!

  2. yes, it’s funny, but my big 17H TB does this when he’s overexcited at shows. it’s stressful and embarassing to be the center of the wrong kind of attention. thank goodness we’ve never been swallowed up by a hedge!

    • It’s really only funny when it’s someone else and nobody gets hurt. When it goes wrong, don’t you feel a little bit like being swallowed by a hedge isn’t such a bad idea? 🙂

    • I know what you mean Mo.

      A few years ago I had a young show jumper who was behaving like a prat at a county show. He was taking some managing by the professional rider that was on board and to say he was enthusiastic would be an understatement!

      The rider successfully battled with him to jump a line of jumps and was heading for a turn when the horse decided on his own volition that the arena fencing to the left was so much more interesting than taking a right turn and over he went!

      whoops! Fortunately or was it unfortunately it was in the spot in front of the grandstand so there was clear space and no people standing immediately ringside watching!

      They had to dismantle the barriers to let him out though!

  3. that horse had an incredible amount of foam around it’s mouth, it had probably been yanked and pulled quite a bit off camera and was totally out of sorts. Once the rider relaxed a little it was out of there. And he wouldn’t ditch his sword, I hope neither he nor the horse fell on it.

  4. I think that the horse is extremely kind. He even made sure that he didn’t throw his rider, but was quite firm that he was done work.

    • I have frequently said, that for every live rider, there is a very kind and generous horse. If they weren’t , they would have killed us all at some point.

      • When I started my lessons, I was acutely aware that I was causing my horse some very inexpert and probably uncomfortable moments. I made a habit then and I continue it to this day, even though I’m a much better rider now: After every lesson, once I’ve groomed my horse and put him in his stall, I rub his neck, lean in close, and whisper, “Thank you for not killing me today. You did very well, and next time I’ll be better.”

        • Who would vote that down? Geez Louise, we have ALL made horses uncomfortable in the learning process, and we’re all going to make mistakes and make our horses uncomfortable every once in a while, no matter how good we become. All we can do is be aware of it, try to minimize it as much as possible by becoming better horsemen/women, and yes, be damn grateful for all the times that they kindly chose not to kill us for our mistakes.

          • Exactly. I’m talking about the kind of moments where I’d lose my balance and accidentally give the reins a yank, or I’d put the bridle on and bonk the bit on his teeth — things like that. Not cruelty or abuse, just ineptitude.

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