16 thoughts on “Umm…

    • I was wondering if someone measured the course length wrong because it seemed like wayyyyy more than two furlongs. I made coffee, put a load of laundry in, dried a tray of dishes, cleaned the kitty litter box and still saw the last furlong drive to the wire. LOL!

  1. What a hoot! I saw in the comments someone crying foul, but those horses looked like they were having a blast. As for it being longer than 2 furlongs, might it not have seemed that way because we are not used to seeing these horses raced?

  2. I thought it was cute! And I liked their names. Proper names. It’s easy to cheer for a horse named “Champ” — not so much for a horse named “Gimmicky Reference” or some other nonsense..

    • Or Spicer Cub! His name was repeated quite a few times in his run to the wire.

      Totally cute, fun and nobody taking themselves too seriously. Loved seeing the back slapping by the jockeys at the end of the race. Why can’t we find more of this in the equine competition world? Smiles everyone….smiles.

      • Like really, big Shires named Hercules, Samson, Curious George, Harry, Joey…I mean…yeah…really. LOL! It’d be like a pony race with the ponies named, Sparkles, Bubbles, Twinkles, Dixie. It’s all just sooooooo not original and yet singularly hilarious.

        I suspect the fun factor here, besides the obvious, is that there’s absolutely no money on the line, just some bragging rights.

  3. Looked like good fun, short enough to be something such large horses can do (and would do playing in pasture), not too serious, and a way for people to see an relatively rare breed in public.

  4. I thought it was a total hoot! A steeplechase-style start to a QH-length “race”, and notice the lack of jockeys whipping their mounts. I think only 1, maybe 2, were even carrying sticks. Horses looked like they were having fun, and the comraderie of the jockeys was refreshing, too.

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