Fun And Games

There’s having fun and then there’s having fun.  When the latter involves horses, safety has to play a big role; safety for horse, safety for rider and safety for third party innocents.  I cringe every time I see a video like this one.  On the surface it seems harmless; a young girl jumping her pony, but the ways in which this can turn bad in a second make me cringe.  Plastic lawn chairs are not a suitable obstacle for horse and rider to jump – ever.  Neither are people.  Yes, I’ve seen a video of someone jumping their horse over people lined up lying on the ground (six or seven of them), like Evel Knievel jumping fourteen buses in a row – and of course I can’t find it now, but I did find this.  Pretty tame, but still.

What about this?


It’s all fun and games until someone loses a testicle…

Here’s taking helmet safety to another level and I appreciate the foresight.

If you’re a car person, you’ll want to skip the next video.  Not sure if they were organizing for a parade or what, but this is one very busy and dangerous area to be assembling horses.  Poor car, but imagine how much worse this can get in an instant.  Perhaps something like this could have happened?  (I do wonder why cars continue to zoom alongside these horses.  Did the drivers think the horses would just suddenly come to their senses and realize they were on a road and get off it?)

My favorite video illustrating creativity, imagination, training evolution AND safety.  Simply an extension of long-lining and ground driving training, the equipment used on the horse is well designed and fits, the rider is helmeted and the skier is fully decked out in helmet, long sleeved shirt, knee pads and gloves, and is far enough behind the horse that an errant kick won’t make contact.  Check it out:  Fun, exciting, and with safety in mind.

I would have enjoyed this event a whole lot more if they’d been shirtless.  Or…  if one of them was doing a handstand in Speedos, while two others held his legs apart and the rest jumped over exposed testicles.


11 thoughts on “Fun And Games

  1. I have to admit to using chairs as jump wings in the past, but I absolutely ALWAYS made sure the poles could fall safely (and they fell a lot!). Jumping over chairs themselves is just stupidly dangerous.
    Love the blog!

  2. Dude, there is NEVER a time for testicles to be exposed for the naked eye. Especially with spread legs….ewwwww, now I’m freaking myself out! No balls please. 😉

    • Try being an art student. We had a nude male model who was a gymnast, so you can imagine the poses we got. Head-stands were included. Haha 😉

  3. May I just mention how much I would enjoy having that horse from the last video in my barn? How lovely! And I could combine my husband’s hobby with my daughter’s!

  4. Reading this makes me think of the absolutely stupid stuff my best friend and I did as kids with our ponies. We had a blast and luckily no one got hurt LOL!
    We got hula hoops once, so we would stand on the ponies and hula away, then we decided to have the ponies trot thru the hulas as we circled them over our heads, over the ponies heads then around their bodies.
    Jumping oil drums, lawn chairs, picnic tables….tombstones.
    Bringing them in the house for orange popsicles.
    Racing thru the stallions field as he chased us.
    Yeah there’s a lot to be said for parental supervision 😉 And yes I have outgrown such lunacy 😀

  5. I liked the one with the horse and the roller blader…kind of like skijoring (sp?) but with roller blades and a rider. Let’s just hope they checked all the ground for rocks…I’ve skated a lot and a rock can really cause a wreck! Ouch!

  6. Now those last two videos are stellar. Not sure I would be willing to be the roller blader behind the horse, my coordination is not that great and I can imagine learning how to land those jumps would likely lead me to breaking an arm or worse. However it looks like a blast!

    Have seen the show jumpers jumping before. Great video and proof horse people can have a good time even without their four footed friends.

  7. I think the military (those may be police in the modern picture), started the tradition of the human jumps. First because the horses probably needed exposure to jumping over people for battle situations, and seond, because with a bunch of guys with real world experience of artillery shelling while riding the horses and people shooting at them while riding the horses, having a horse jump over them probably seemed really tame. The difference today is few horses receive the same kind of training and their riders don’t recieve it either. A lot of the older horse books written by cavalry officers include some pretty elablorately constructed human jumps.

  8. I can’t get any videos to play on my computer today but I cringe every time I see people jumping lawn chairs. I made jumps out of whatever I could when I was young too, but it’s not that hard to make safe jumps from inexpensive, common objects. I also remember my friend and I trying to get her horse to jump a single little shrub in her field that was taller that it was wide, because hey it was something to jump! (And a good exercise for a straight and precise approach, haha).

    As for the military people, there’s a big difference between a performance that is carefully trained and practised and regular people goofing around. Falls under the “fine for them but don’t try it at home”. Sort of like that Cavalia show that was touring around last year, I enjoyed watching it, but hope that the audience had the sense to appreciate the careful training that goes into those routines and that it’s probably best not to rush home and try balancing on a galloping horse’s butt.

    • Okay, videos are playing for me now. Eeek on the chair-jumping video. Kind of assumed it would be poles balanced on lawn chairs not just jumping the chairs. All I can think about is pony hitting a chair, little pony hoof going through the chair and the ensuing disaster when that already hot, revved-up pony has a lawn chair stuck around its leg.

      Dog on pony was cute, but honestly, it looked like pure luck more than anything else that the dog was staying on the pony. It got rattled pretty loose a few times and wasn’t really in a position to balance properly. Cute that they put a helmet on the dog, but I’d think it would be easy for the dog to break a leg or suffer some other injury if it fell from that height. I wouldn’t risk it with my dog.

      The roller-blade ski-joring however looks awesome… of course there’s some risk of getting hurt but I wouldn’t say that looks any crazier than going downhill skiing or plenty of other sports, and they look well-prepared and with all reasonably safety gear, and if looks like if roller-blader lost balance or horse freaked out, the blader could just drop the handle and everything would be okay.

  9. Ok, I actually thought the human jumping was hysterical, I could totally get into watching that at a horse show as a side entertainment!!!

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